You complete me….

I couldn’t have lived till now
If it wasn’t for you
I would have been so lost
Not knowing what to do

You put me together
Only now can I see
You make me what I am
You complete me

We’re two different halves
When put together, we are one whole
Every beat of my heart is yours
Everyday I pray for your soul

It’s just your smile I need to see
When there’s no other remedy
You put me together
You complete me

I’m too scared to let you go
I never want to lose you
If you weren’t here with me
I’d never know what to do

All I feel now are joys
All my sorrows are history
What else can I say now?
It’s because you complete me.

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to miss someone…

Have u ever missed someone and felt terrible because u think that he/she doesn’t miss u? Missing someone is a terrible but at the same time,sweet feeling… U will be sitting around wondering if u meant anything to him/her…Thinking if he/she ever cares about u…Rushing to the phone once it rings hoping that it’s him/her…

Looking out of the window hoping that he/she will surprise u by appearing downstairs. Sitting in front of the television but thinking of her, missing the final episode of your favourite show…

Laying on your bed, thinking of the last time u were out together.Thinking of how nice it will be to sit under the stars again, talking about everything, your dreams,plans,future. Logging on to the internet hoping to see him/her online.When u realise that he/she isn’t online and did not reply to your scrap,u will start worrying if he/she is okay. Missing someone is a way of growing up i guess… It exposes u to loneliness…It teaches u how to cope with being lonely and let u know that there is actually a feeling known as emptiness…

Sometimes it feels good to miss someone.. U know that u really care and u indulge in the feeling of loving/caring for him/her.But missing someone and not knowing if he/she is feeling the same is terrible. U feel as if u are being left alone. So if u miss someone, tell him/her and let them know.At the same time, ask if they miss u.Don’t let the feeling of missing someone become jealousy.. If u are the one being missed and u know it, let the other party know. if u miss him/her too, tell them. Don’t let them wait…

Well, what are you waiting for then !…………….

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we are walking through the forest
on a warm summer night
wind through our hair
the sky so bright
you pull me by a tree
bring me close
tell me the three words every girl wants to say
i love you
your head tilts in a movement
that makes my stomach grunch
your lips touch mine
the feeling goes away
you start to leave
the night goes away
my eyes open
i awaken to my room
realizing its only a dream…

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i love…

I love to see you smile
And I love knowing that I caused that smile
I love to see you happy
And I love knowing that I caused that happiness

I love to look into your beautiful eyes
And I love the way I fall into them
I love it when you hold my hand
And I love having the courage to grab and hold yours

I love to tease and dominate you
And I love it when you tease and dominate me
I love it when you touch me
And I love to touch you

I love rediscovering how beautiful you are each time I see you
And I love realizing how attractive you make me feel
I love wanting so badly to kiss you
And I love the way you want to take things slow

I love the fact that you still want to be my friend
And I love that I want to be yours
I love so many things about you
But the most important thing is
I Love you!

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why i love you…????

Sometimes at night.., when I look to the sky..,
I start thinking of you and then ask myself, why…????
Why do I love you..??? I think and smile..,
because I know the list could run on and an for miles….
The whisper of your voice…, the warmth of your touch….,
so many little things make me love you so much…..

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missing you..!!

I must get this out
because my heart wants to shout
yes I’m missing you without a doubt…
through time my sweetness will never go sour
you’re always on my mind and I
ask myself why..???
why do you leave and make my heart cry..????
you know ill be thinking of you…
there are so many things I want us to do
my feelings I know I must contain
until we meet again
my heart controls my brain
and as the day
closes all I want to do
is kiss you because I know
in my heart I’m missing you…

-safal bhandare

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heart does all the thinking, once u are in love…

In love you let the heart do all the thinking
And say with courage simply what seems true…
Time will in good time do all the linking,
But you must know you’ve done what you can do…

Passion understands far more than reason,
Seeing in the dark with more than sight..
Truth,  can vary with the season,
Nor can you ever know you’ve got it right…

So throw yourself into the stream of being loved,
And let the moment take you where it will…
Fear does nothing for the bitter kowing,
That only love is a sweet sacrifice and it stands still…

-safal bhandare

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just wanted you to know…

Just wanted you to know.. I love you…
Months have passed since we became close friends…
Every day I find I’m thinking of you,
Though no word from you that message sends…
And yet we share all other thoughts and feelings..
I cannot wait to tell you about my day,
And you give me the glimpse of all your dealings,
Which makes me hope we walk in the same way…
Telling you this.. is opening a door
That never can be closed again, and yet
I must, because I ache for something more,
Something that I must risk all to get…
Some night, perhaps, we’ll go hang out somewhere,
I will reach for you, and you’ll be there….

-safal bhandare

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my love is like a mad sunflower…. :)

my love reveals objects…
silken butterflies
concealed in her fingers,

her words
splash me with stars…

night shines like lightning
under the fingers of my love….

my love invents worlds where
jeweled glittering serpents live…

worlds where music is the world,

worlds where houses with open eyes
contemplate the dawn…,

my love is a mad sunflower that forgets
fragments of sun in the silence….

-safal bhandare

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Forever after…

Look into my eyes,

and see what you may find,

No, look within my eyes

to see my true soul,

here forever with you,

always by your side,

removing you from fears

protecting you from tears

look within and feel my warmth

created for you and only you..

for you are my true love,

and i am forever yours…

-safal bhandare

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